Hearing for summary judgement in Öcalan’s case held in Athens

A hearing for summary judgement in the case of of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan was held in Athens. The decision of the case will be declared within 3 to 12 months, and lawyer Rachiotis stated that Kurdish people’s struggle would determine the result of the case in Greece.

The legal case in the Greek capital Athens regarding Greece’s violation of the law during the international conspiracy that targeted Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan entered its final phase. Öcalan’s lawyers had sued the Greek government for its violation of the law during the International Conspiracy, and the decision of this case will be announced within 3 to 12 months.


Öcalan’s Greek lawyer Yiannis Rachiotis spoke to ANF on the case, which had begun upon the initiative of Öcalan’s Kurdish lawyers from Asrın Law Office. Rachiotis recalled the heavy isolation of Öcalan between 1998 and 2006, and said that Öcalan’s lawyers were arrested and pressured intensely during this period. Rachiotis said that the preparations for the case in Greece took three years, and this delay in preparations was due to Turkey’s pressures on Öcalan’s Kurdish lawyers. Rachiotis recalled that the lawyers that visited Greece during the preparation phase of the case were arrested upon their return to Turkey.


Lawyer Rachiotis stated that he applied to the Justice Ministry of Turkey through the Turkish Consulate in Greece multiple times, but these meeting requests have not yet been answered.


Rachiotis stated that they were able to open the case in 2008 after two years of struggle, and ran into several problems in the process. The Greek lawyer said that getting accurate information on the events that transpired was difficult due to the inaccurate information surrounding Öcalan’s delivery to Turkey. Rachiotis said that they sued the Greek government for its responsibility in Öcalan’s delivery to Turkey, and the monetary compensation they were demanding was only symbolic. Rachiotis noted that they expect the Greek state to at least acknowledge its role in the conspiracy, but they would still continue pushing for monetary compensation.


Lawyer Yiannis Rachiotis stated that Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullan Öcalan’s freedom and the struggle of Kurdish people would determine the result of the case in Greece, and ended his words by saying that the people’s struggle would achieve Öcalan’s freedom eventually.


Source: Firat News Agency

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